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F355 videos 6


    A ride around the circuit with a yellow F355 Challenge (24.60 MB) ***

    A red F355 Spider and A McLaren F1 from Gumball 3000 riding trough the streets (1.03 MB) ****

    Lots and lots of F355 vids here, also some other Ferrari's!!!!!! *****!!

    A red F355 Challenge passes (1.71 MB) *****

    A red F355 Challenge passes 2 (1.41 MB) *****

    A red F355 Berlinetta from Gumball drives 2 times away and does a donut (535 KB) ****

    A movie about a white F355 Spider from Gumball which chrashed (1.35 MB) ***

    A red F355 comes down the front straight (475 KB) **

    Several F355's going through a turn (1.24 MB) **

    Several Ferraris coming out of the last turn into the straight (699k) **

    A red F355 comes into the pits (923 KB) **

    Two F355's passing (794 KB) **

Inside a modified F355 (4.50 MB) *****

Filming the rev counter when reving (1.08 MB) ****

A red F355 modified reving (954 KB) ****

Inside view of a modified F355 when driving on the road (3.10 MB) ***

Inside a modified F355 blowing through a tunnel (2.10 MB) *****

A modified F355 Berlinetta drives away (1.21 MB) ****

The same modified F355 passing (994 KB) ****

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