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Welcome to the Ferrari F355 site

NEWS: Sorry, I had to delete the Dutch version, hope you speak English!

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Welcome to my site!

I am a big car fan, once I went to the Ferrari dealer I saw an F355 reving it's engine. From that moment this car is my favourite one. If you have movies or anything else you like to say just send me a mail or get in the forum! At this site you will find Images, Videos and Specs on the Ferrari F355, Enjoy!
I got a digital camera myself since a few months, I already took my camera to a few events, look in the events section.


11-30-03: 1 new entry in the Exhaust Contest!
11-15-03: 2 new entries in Exhaust Contest!
10-17-03: 2 new events added
10-13-03: Ferrari Exhaust contest first uploads!

08-21-2003: 7 new videos added
07-28-2003: 4 new videos, rating for the videos added, new event added.

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