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Italia A zandvoort!

Again a fantastic day! We were able to make even more videos and pictures this time because of more camera memory. This event was mainly about Ferrari. There were a few races of the Ferrari Challenge series, the proffesionals and the amateures. There was also a show for the Ferrari roadcars. Many beauties were featured, like:

a 360 Modena Imola, 360 Challenge Stradale, Enzo, all Challenge cars, a bunch of 365 Daytona's, a 550 Barchetta, a few 575's and 550's, 250 GT Lusso, 275 GTB NART Spider (!! 10 of these have been built), lots of F355, 308, 328, 348 and 360. All kinds of them, GTSes, Berlinetta's and Spiders. A Diablo SV, A VT and a bunch of Countaches were there as well. 2 EB110's, also 2 F40's, a Murcielago and 2 Testarossa's. Off course the Fiat and Alfa Romeo club were there, and Maserati's were also featured.

Another great event, Especially when we found a nice place in the end when all cars were going home. We were in a little tunnel at the exit of the circuit. Very cool when many of the owners rev their cars for us in that tunnel, Also the new Stradale did that! Off course that is all filmed, and I can burn this stuff on CD for you, look on the prevois page for more info about that.

Example video of a 360 Challenge Stradale revving up in the tunnel