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Viva Italia!

All events at the circuit are great. But this was jusr awesome! I never saw so much Italian cars together. This event was mainly for Lambo's but quite a lot Ferrari's were there as well. About 25 Lambo's and 20 Ferrari's made a drive at the circuit. I captured everything. Resulting in 109 video clips. I've got from Diablo GT warming up it's engine to a DeTomaso Pantera group 4 racing car passing at high speed. There also came a DeTomaso Pantera club from Italy. They showed us their cars at the circuit as well. Here's a list of some special cars wich were at the event:

Diablo GT, Diablo SE30, Murcielago, Countach 25th Anniversary, Lancia Stratos, about 15 DeTomaso's, many Diablo VT's, Bugatti EB110, F40, Testarossa, Diablo Roadster, 512 BBi, a few Countaches, 512 M, a few 308 GT4's and many other Ferrari's like F355, 328, 348, 550 etc etc.

This was the best event of the year so far, the cool sound of Diablo's passing will never be forgotten by me. You can order the videos and pictures on a CD, for more info see the prevois page.

Example video of a bunch of cars passing at the track