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Ferrari tourrally

This was quite a big event. I counted 52 Ferrari's. All cars were coming together first, then after about an hour they started the rally. Once a minute a Ferrari was launched. And we were filming. Here's a list of the car that were at the event, I captured them all, most stepping on it:

F50, 550 Barchetta, 275 GTB, 275 NART Spider, 512 BBi, 360 Spider, a few 360 Modenas, Mondial, 2 246 Dino's, lots of 348 and 328, off course a few 355's, 2 Testarossa's, a few 550 Maranello's and many odd oldies.

This was a great meeting, especially when almost all cars were launching their way through the public. You can order the videos and pictures on a CD. See prevois page.

Example video of a 550 Barchetta racing past